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Premier Tree & Landscape LLC, is a full-service tree care provider and landscape re-designer. Our highly skilled team of professionals is here to provide you with exceptional service and quality care you should expect: Tree trimming, tree removal, and landscape redesign.

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We strive to provide A+ customer service. Each customer is extremely important to us and we only exist because of our customers. We are a locally owned and operated business and we understand the importance of making sure your tree & shrub needs are met to your satisfaction.

year round tree trimming in boise

Operating Year-Round

Proudly serving the Treasure Valley with complete year-round tree service you can rely on.

veteran owned tree trimming and removal company in boise

Veteran Owned & Operated

Our highly skilled team of professionals is here to provide you with exceptional service and quality care you should expect.

landscape redesign in boise

Cutting Edge & Creative Landscape

We specialize in helping customers increase the value and beauty of their homes by creating elegant outdoor living spaces.

year round tree trimming in boise

Operating Year-Round

veteran owned boise

Veteran Owned & Operated

landscape redesign boise

Cutting-Edge & Creative Landscape

Premier Tree Pruning and Trimming locally owned and operated

Locally Owned and Operated with 30+ Years of Experience

We strive to be the best! Proudly serving the the Boise area with complete year-round tree service you can rely on. We offer tree/shrub pruning & trimming, removal of stumps, shrub, and trees. Fully licensed, insured and bonded for our customer's peace of mind. We are locally owned and operated with over 30 years of tree service industry experience. Our service cannot be matched.

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Premier Tree Pruning and Trimming 30 years tree service experience

Boise Tree Care & Landscape Services

We provide full-service tree care from excavating the new hole to plant a new tree with ongoing arbor care for all phases of a tree lifecycle particularly in our very active urban forests, our yards. Typical pruning on most trees is required every 2 to 5 years depending on the species of tree, water and nutrition. Fruit trees require pruning annually for best growth and production practices. Proper nutrition and watering routines also keep trees and shrubs healthy from the inside. Topical treatments are often required throughout the year for varying fungi and insects. We take the time to properly inform and educate our customers on feeding, light trimming, watering, fungi and insect care and prevention.

Specialty is reducing over planted yards and property to more manageable low maintenance yard and property you will enjoy and not spend all weekend on the yardwork before you can enjoy your urban forest setting with family, friends or just by yourself. Yards are usually overplanted in the initial delivery of the home for more curb appeal or we find the wrong bush/shrub/tree is planted in a wrong location, grown too tall, too wide, interfering with home access, approaching power lines, blocking window views, etc. we often hear “it has become too messy and or too much to take care of anymore, help!”. We choose the right plant/tree for the right location, don’t put a partial sun in full sun (it will burn), appropriate spacing and growth calculations. Don’t put a 3-foot full growth plant one foot from the walkway. Use proper feeding and watering routines for your urban forest.

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Tree Tips with Premier Tree

Trees in our community contribute to our quality of life and make the neighborhoods more enjoyable to live, work, and play. Our trees clean our air, provide cooling shade for our homes, pets, and wildlife. Proper tree care results in the attractiveness and increased value to our homes and communities.

tree trimming tree removal boise

Location & Environment

Plant the right tree in the right place. Taller growing trees should not be planted near power lines. Other trees should be planted in shady areas since they do not thrive in full sun.

tree trimming boise

Tree Base

Mulch your newly planted tree, make a ring around the base with rock or wood chips, about a 2-foot diameter, keep soil moist, don’t over water. Soil should be firm at the trunk but not packed. Packing can cause the roots to suffocate.

tree removal boise

Lawn Maintenance

Avoid growing your lawn right up to tree trunk, leave room for lawn maintenance and equipment. Be careful not to damage tree trunks with lawnmowers, trimmers, etc.

premier tree tree trimming tree removal boise

Tree Maintenance

In urban forestry, tree trimming, and pruning is often necessary to remove dead branches, improve tree structure, vigor and make sure tree is safely maintained.

Our Care For Trees in Boise

Proper tree care is a mystery to most. Plant a tree and let mother nature take over. Possibly true for some urban forests but in our yards and in our community, trees need TLC, a special type of care. Let our professionals at Premier Tree and Landscape LLC take correct and proper care of your trees. Let us go out on the limb for you!

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