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Grading is leveling a particular area of the landscape while still providing a slight slope for water drainage. There is only one right way to grade an area. If the contour of the land is overly steep, the property won't be able to retain adequate water retention. Also, due to a high rate of runoff, a considerable amount of soil erosion could occur. If the slope isn't enough, the yard will flood every time it rains. During the rainy season, this could be a problem. Not only is standing water a problem for plants, but it can also cause a mosquito issue.

Premier Tree & Landscape LLC, located near Boise, Idaho, is considered one of the best landscaping services in the area. Contact us for information about our grading service.

Professional landscape grading services in Boise

Keeping It Professional

 Grading is not typically a DIY project. Many people may think that it couldn't be that difficult. Just a little smoothing out here and there should do the job. Then they go to a local equipment rental store and rent a skid loader. However, renting equipment and using equipment are two different things. It takes skill to operate just about any type of landscaping equipment properly.

Also, grading to ensure proper drainage involves more than just eyeballing it and driving equipment around the yard. A level is required to get a uniform slope across a landscape. This type of level is not the old manual bubble style that a carpenter would use on lumber. Landscapers use a laser level to calculate the correct slope across the entire yard.

The End Result

No homeowner wants to spend the money to install install sod only to discover a problem when the rainy season arrives. Spending a little more to have an area professionally graded before installing the yard is cheaper than landscaping the property again for the second time. Regrettably, since home purchases primarily occur during summer, landscaping problems may not be known until the spring. If this happens, the best way of looking at it is as an opportunity to have the lawn installed that you've always wanted.

If you need a company to grade your property in the Boise, Idaho area, there is none better than Premier Tree & Landscape LLC. We have an outstanding reputation for job performance and are a locally owned company that has been an essential part of the community for 30 years. Contact us to build the lawn of your dreams.

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