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The trees in your Boise, Idaho yard grow tall and beautiful. They add curb appeal and offer shade in the heat of the summer. However, as their limbs grow longer, they can project in awkward directions to make the trees look unkemp

Tree trimming is a standard tree service that keeps your tree:

  • Growing in a controlled manner
  • Looking beautiful
  • Healthy and happy

It also helps trees better weather storms to keep your property safer. Keep reading to learn more about Premier Tree & Landscape's tree trimming service.

What is Tree Trimming?

What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is a tree service that cuts the limbs of trees in a way that helps to give the tree a more uniform and groomed shape. When left alone, the tree branches can become a health issue for your tree as the numerous and extended limbs compete for moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. Most residents of Boise, Idaho, have their trees pruned every 2-5 years depending on several growing conditions, not least of which is water and feeding.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

You might wonder if it matters if the tree's limbs are growing uncontrolled. Does the tree need a well-defined shape? Here are a few benefits of tree trimming:

Curb Appeal

It only takes a few seconds for visitors and people driving by your home to make a first impression. When the tree's limbs are growing in all directions, the yard looks unruly. With tree trimming, the curb appeal around your home improves.

Improved Tree Health

Without proper trimming, a tree will grow too many new branches. The additional branches cause the tree to fight for the moisture and nutrients it needs to grow. Tree trimming removes the excess limbs and makes it easier for the tree to seek and find the nutrients and sunlight it needs for sustainable growth.

Improved Health of Surrounding Plants and Shrubs

A tree that grows unchecked will overshadow the plants and shrubs around it. If the tree has enough limbs and a thick canopy, it can cause the surrounding plant life to struggle for the sunlight it needs to grow.

Protect Your Home and Property

When a tree's limbs are not maintained by trimming, they'll grow over the roof of your home and cars. This leaves your property at risk during a storm when the high winds can twist and snap branches that could damage your roof or car.

Premier Tree and Landscape Are Your Tree Trimming Experts in Boise, Idaho!

Tree trimming is an essential part of tree care. It improves the look of your yard, but it helps with the growth of trees and protects your property. At Premier Tree & Landscape LLC, we have the experience and skill to trim your trees, so you can enjoy your free time and feel at ease knowing your trees are beautiful and safer.

Call us or submit a contact form to schedule tree trimming for your Boise, Idaho property.

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