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If you experience major limb breakage or falling due to a powerful windstorm or bug infestation, you may need to cut down a tree. When you do, you will be left with tree stumps. Depending on the age and size of the tree, you should consider hiring an expert tree removal service backed by years of experience and knowledge of how to safely remove a tree stump.

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What is Stump Removal?

Removal of a tree or shrub stump requires the use of heavy equipment since an average tree with a 12-inch trunk has a root ball that is approximately 6 feet (1.83 m) around underground!

Often it is necessary to "chase" surface roots. In addition, all stump removals will need to be back filled with soil to replace the hole left behind. Once a stump is removed is the perfect time to plant a new tree and grass.

Why Should You Remove a Tree Stump?

You may think that leaving the stump in the ground is harmless. The reality is that tree stumps present a danger to your yard, home, and family. Here's why tree stump removal is an essential part of your landscaping efforts.

Tree Stumps Worsen the Health of Your Yard
Tree stumps themselves are no risk to your yard, but the unwanted pests and diseases that they invite are a different story. Did you know that many lawn pests are attracted to tree stumps?
Roots left behind by  tree stumps raise the chances of settling in your yard and rob the soil of important nutrients
Leaving tree stumps in your yard increases the presence of pests such as carpenter ants, termites, beetles, and other insects that eat and live in wood
Such pests can spread to the healthy trees in your yard. They may even find the wood in your home!
Tree stumps also grow fungi, which can spread to other trees and plants in your landscaping. You know that pruning shrubs and trimming trees is essential to good lawn health, but did you realize that tree stump removal is important, too?
If fungi begin to grow on a forgotten tree stump, there is an excellent chance that it will spread to healthy plants nearby. Fungi can put your entire yard at risk and presents a serious issue for your plants.
To keep your yard healthy and free of pests and fungi, remove tree stumps.
Tree Stumps Can Damage Your Home
In addition to drawing pests that can find their way into your home, tree stumps can cause damage to your home. Though the tree may be dead above the surface, the root system may be alive and well.
Roots will continue to grow and can invade other areas of your yard. If planted close to your home, tree roots can wreak havoc on your foundation and underground piping. Many a water line has been split by a growing tree root that wedged its way inside.
Tree roots can burrow into vulnerable spots in your home's foundation, weakening the structure. This reduces the value of your home and can allow pests to come inside. Over time, tree roots can even shift your foundation.
Removing Tree Stumps Can Protect Your Family
Tree stumps present a danger to your family whether they are young children or elderly - not to mention your mower. Young children may think that a tree stump is a good place to play, unaware of the pests that may be hiding inside. Uneven surfaces in your yard are dangerous for family members who may have unsure footing as well. 
Tree stumps can even present a danger during yard work! If you do not realize that a tree stump exists, it is easy to trip over it and to damage lawn equipment.

As you can see, there are a few steps involved in getting your lawn looking just right. We follow each step in this process to make sure your lawn will look outstanding, and our landscaping reduces the maintenance you will have to perform in the future.  

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To best protect your yard, home, lawn equipment and family from damage we highly recommend removing tree stumps from your property. Contact us for a free quote on any of your tree removal needs.

Tree Stump Removal Boise

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