Tree Trimming and Fruit Tree Pruning

What is Tree Trimming and Fruit Tree Pruning?

When you're trying to make your property look more appealing from the street, pay special attention to tree and shrub trimming and pruning. If you let tree maintenance go for an entire season, your property will quickly lose the manicured look that is so aesthetically pleasing to onlookers and visitors or potential buyers. In urban forestry, tree trimming, and pruning is often necessary to remove dead branches, improve tree structure, vigor and make sure the tree is safely maintained. There are many different options when it comes to tree trimming, each tree tells its own unique story and that story tells our professionals what trimming needs to be done.

Premier Tree Tree Pruning in Boise

Boise Tree Trimming Services

Trimming the wrong limb can cause a tree to become unnecessarily stressed or cease to grow and begin to decay. Contrastingly, appropriate tree and shrub trimming keep the plant healthy and vibrant by promoting growth. We help our valued customers develop a customized trimming schedule based on the trees and plants growing on their respective properties. We strive to do the right amount of trimming to every tree. In Idaho, in between fall and spring is a good time for trimming trees. By this time, deciduous trees have already lost their leaves. However coniferous trees will remain at their usual length.
Here are some important considerations:

  • How many trees and shrubs do you want to trim?
  • Is a troublesome tree (unhealthy or planted in a poor spot) better suited for removal?
  • Should new trees or shrubs be incorporated into the design?
  • How low can the branches extend without becoming a problem?

Boise Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Using proper pruning techniques, we can prevent several issues that can stress trees and shrubs. Pruning helps promote tree and shrub health and growth. Special care is taken to make the right cut whenever we prune trees and shrubs since we only get one opportunity.

Different types of vegetation found on Boise properties (and throughout the Treasure Valley) may require expert pruning services. A deciduous tree has a period each year when it is dormant and most of its life processes stop. It will usually have wider leaves, which are lost each fall. A conifer (or evergreen) tree will keep its leaves throughout the year. It will have thin needles instead of leaves.

We've summarized the common types of trees and shrubs that might be planted on your property in Idaho’s Treasure Valley.

  • Deciduous shrubs
  • Deciduous trees
  • Conifers - shrubs and trees
  • Evergreen shrubs used as hedges
  • Evergreen shrubs grown for their flowers

It's best to prune each shrub or tree according to the time of year that it grows new buds: Each tree or shrub could have more than one season when it produces buds. Evergreen trees and shrubs may require more frequent pruning because they do not become dormant in winter.

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Boise Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees require pruning, which is the cutting and removing of selected parts. There are several horticultural pruning techniques that can be practiced. Pruning often includes cutting branches back and sometimes removing smaller limbs, young shoots, buds, and leaves entirely.

Established orchard practice of both organic and non-organic types typically includes pruning. Pruning can control growth, remove dead or diseased wood, and stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds. It is widely stated that careful attention to pruning and training young trees improve their later productivity and longevity, and that good pruning and training can also prevent later injury from weak crotches or forks (where a tree trunk splits into two or more branches) that break from the weight of fruit, snow, or ice on the branches.

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Hire a Professional Boise  Tree Trimming Company

At Premier Tree & Landscape LLC, we're glad to inspect your trees and develop the perfect individualized trimming and pruning schedules for you. We are available 7 days a week by appointment to satisfy any of your tree and shrub pruning and trimming needs. We strive to always provide friendly communication and to keep our prices indexed to the local market. For more information about our tree and shrub pruning and trimming, or to schedule an appointment for a free quote, submit our contact form! For 24-hour emergency tree service, call Premier Tree & Landscape at (208) 391-5028.

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