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Are you tired of your lawn looking less than its best? It may be time for a sod replacement. At Premier Tree and Landscape in Boise, Idaho, we are experts on removing old sod and replacing it for more attractive landscaping.

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Why Replace Your Sod?

You may want to replace your sod for several reasons. Grass can die due to fungi, over-fertilization, or pests. You can fix this problem by replacing the dead sod with a fresh layer so you can grow a healthy lawn. While it may be tempting to throw down grass seed or try to patch old sod yourself, the best way to achieve a great looking lawn is to use our tried and true process for replacing sod. 

Our Sod Replacement Process

We replace your sod quickly and efficiently in a few steps. Here are the steps in our method:

  • excavate existing sod
  • excavate 2 inches of soil
  • dispose of sod and soil at an authorized recycler
  • add 2 inches of fresh, healthy soil
  • place new sod on top of the soil

As you can see, there are a few steps involved in getting your lawn looking just right. We follow each step in this process to make sure your lawn will look outstanding, and our landscaping reduces the maintenance you will have to perform in the future.  

Why Choose Premier Tree and Landscape?

There are many reasons to choose us to do your sod replacement. Some reasons may include:

  • your new home hasn't been landscaped or you haven't kept up on your landscaping
  • saving yourself the labor and time
  • better quality result than if you attempted to do it yourself
  • we have the proper tools to do the job more quickly and efficiently
  • we will take away and recycle your old soil and sod so you don't have to deal with it

The hassles involved in sod removal and replacement are no big thing for us, but we understand that without the proper equipment and experience, this can be a challenging task for property owners. Not only is it hard to perform the labor without the right set up but dealing with leftover sod and soil to recycle can be a time-consuming mess.

Call an Expert for Sod Replacement

At Premier Tree and Landscape, we believe in quality landscaping and getting the job done. We pride ourselves in making landscaping easy for you and providing excellent service. Contact us for a free quote on any of your sod replacement needs! If you are looking to do some re-landscaping, read our post about  planning your re-landscape project.

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