Lot Clearing in Boise

A prime example of lot clearing would be a construction site for a new home, business or parking lot. Some landscaping projects require selective removal of trees, shrubs or turf, while others require a complete lot clearing process. If you need any lot clearing projects done in the Boise, Idaho area,  contact us at Premier Tree & Landscape LLC for either total or selective clearing of your property.

Landscape Lot Clearing in Boise

Lot Clearing and Preparation for Construction

A building site typically requires the removal of any vegetation or large rocks. Tree and shrub removal is part of the process. Tree removal also includes tree stump grinding. Depending on location, some construction sites require clearing for an access road. We can do that as well.

All structures need a solid base on which to build a foundation. Loam soil is a mixture of sand, silt and clay. This mixture makes it ideal as a base for construction. The properties of loam soil make it less susceptible to shifting, expanding or shrinking. This soil type also handles water well.

If the topsoil is not suitable for a foundation, it will need to be removed and replaced. This preparation would also apply to a parking lot. Packing and leveling is part of the process.

Selective Tree Clearing

Building a custom home could require a more selective type of clearing. Tree removal is necessary for the actual building site, but the property owner may want to save certain individual trees on the lot. Shrub removal requires less effort but still involves leveling of the area.

Tree Stump Grinding or Tree Stump Removal

Complete tree removal is not complete without the removal of the stump. Stump grinding is down to or just below ground level. However, occasions do occur in which digging the stump up and refilling the hole is required. Contact Premier Tree & Landscape LLC in Boise, Idaho for a stump grinding or stump removal quote. We service Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas.

Clearing Unwanted Turf From a Lot

Native grasses and weeds will sometimes have expansive root systems. Customized landscaping could require completely removing the top layer of sod and soil (usually about 6 inches) to get rid of all grass and weeds entirely. Bringing in clean topsoil will ensure that there isn't any residual growth from unwanted grasses or plants and grading will ensure proper draining. The landscape is now ready for customized planting. Golf courses, parks or even residential areas benefit from this type of clearing.

Regardless of your lot clearing needs, Premier Tree & Landscape LLC of Boise, Idaho has the knowledge, experience and resources to accomplish any landscaping project. Job size is not a factor. Contact us for an onsite estimate.

Clearing unwanted turf from a lot in Boise

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