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Proper maintenance of trees increases the value of your property. Trees bring beauty and value to any property. The opposite is true of trees that are neglected in such a way as to be unattractive or pose safety concerns to individuals, structures, or power lines. Tree pruning is vital to maintaining the health, longevity, beauty, and safety of your trees. If you are in the Boise, Idaho area, contact us at Premier Tree & Landscape LLC.

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Premier Tree Tree Pruning in Boise

Tree Pruning or Tree Trimming

Frequently, people use the words tree pruning and tree trimming interchangeably. However, there is a difference.

Tree Pruning

The removal of loose, dead, or infected branches by disease or pests is referred to as tree pruning.

Tree Trimming

The removal of overgrowth is the goal of tree trimming. Excessive tree trimming is most commonly used to allow sunlight to reach more of the lawn, flowers, or ornamental plants. Tree trimming also prevents growth that affects structures or power lines.

Our professionals at Premier Tree & Landscape LLC have experience in both types of tree services, providing a more enhanced overall appearance.

Tree Health and Pruning Safety

Trees with branches infected by disease or pests can spread to other parts of the tree if not removed. Dead and loose limbs are more likely to become dislodged from the tree, causing property damage and potential injury to individuals. A maintenance plan providing for regular inspection and tree pruning will prevent problems before they occur. Every home or business with trees should establish a tree pruning maintenance plan to ensure healthy, attractive, and safe trees.

What Are the Two Types of Pruning Cuts?

There are two types of pruning cuts: heading cuts and thinning cuts. Our tree experts know the difference between them and how to determine when your tree will benefit from each.

Heading Cuts

To improve the structural integrity of the tree or redirect growth, we use heading cuts. This redirection of growth is useful when adjusting the shape or size of a tree.

Thinning Cuts

Just as the name suggests, thinning cuts reduce the density of the tree's canopy. This reduction allows more light penetration through the canopy. Thinning cuts also allow snow to pass through the tree more instead of building up and causing excessive weight on the branches.

When Is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

Dead branches are removable at any time of year. However, winter is generally the best time of year for pruning. In winter, most trees are dormant, and pests are not as active. It is also an easier time to view the structure of the tree since the leaves have likely fallen.

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To schedule a free inspection or work out a tree pruning maintenance plan for your home or business, contact us at Premier Tree & Landscape LLC in Boise, Idaho.

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