Fruit Tree Pruning

From a commercial orchard to just a few fruit trees in the backyard, proper pruning is the key to fruit's successful production. Fruit tree pruning is not just cutting limbs off. Premier Tree & Landscape LLC has been providing fruit tree pruning services to the Boise, Idaho area for years. In addition to our many tree services, our team of tree experts is experienced in all aspects of fruit tree pruning to ensure you have the most healthy and productive fruit trees possible. We can evaluate your situation and create a plan designed specifically for your fruit tree's needs.

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Premier Tree Fruit Tree Pruning in Boise

When Should Fruit Trees Be Pruned?

It is ideal for a fruit tree to be pruned in early spring while the tree is still dormant and before its buds emerge. When planting new fruit trees, the first three years are crucial to shaping the tree uniformly. Pruning branches back will encourage a thicker and stronger trunk for structural support. Removing branches too close to the ground will reduce pests' access and allow for easier fruit harvesting.

How Are Older Fruit Trees Pruned?

Older fruit trees will require regular pruning for optimal fruit production. Reputable tree service companies such as Premier Tree & Landscape LLC will first inspect each fruit tree before performing any fruit tree pruning. Some things to be considered before pruning are:

  • The overall health of the tree
  • Dead or diseased branches
  • Broken or weak tree limbs
  • Branches that are low to the ground
  • Whether or not overgrowth is preventing sunlight from reaching all parts of the tree

Any of the situations mentioned above will impact both the production and size of the fruit.

What Are the Methods of Fruit Tree Pruning

Newly planted fruit trees should have the stem cut 24 to 30 inches above the ground, and the side shoots removed. This type of early fruit tree pruning balances the root system's growth to the tree's growth. Using this early pruning method will allow the tree to develop stable rooting and a strong trunk to prevent it from becoming too top-heavy.

Maintain older trees by removing any dead or diseased branches. Also, thinning will allow sunlight to reach all branches to increase the flowering and ripening of fruits. Always cut branches at an angle to prevent water build-up. Water accumulation at the site of the cut will attract pests.

Premier Tree Fruit Tree Pruning in Boise

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Many tree service companies claim that they can make you a great deal. However, a great deal includes more than just a low price. Fruit Tree Pruning by an inexperienced person is not something that's easily fixed. Contact us at Premier Tree & Landscape LLC of Boise, Idaho, for a quality job done right the first time and at competitive rates.

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