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Premier Pruning and Trimming in Boise

Tree/Shrub Pruning and Trimming

It takes time for the living elements of your landscape to mature, especially for trees. Our team will make sure your trees stay healthy and grow strong with proper maintenance!

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Stump Removal

Removal of a tree or shrub stump requires the use of heavy equipment since an average tree with a 12-inch trunk has a root ball that is approximately 6 feet around underground!

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Premier Tree Stump Removal in Boise
Premier Tree Shrub/Tree Removal in Boise

Shrub/Tree Removal

Safely cutting down a tree or shrub often requires the use of ropes, rigging and or a bucket lift.

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Lot Clearing

If you are in need of tree and shrub removal for new construction or to clear for a sports field, Premier Tree and Landscape can help!

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Premier Tree Lot Clearing in Boise
Premier Tree Planting in Boise

Tree Planting

Our experts can consult with you about the perfect trees for your environments. We consider future obstructions with taller trees and how much shade or sun the tree prefers, as well as colors, the shade they provide, the maintenance they require and more.

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Premier Tree and Landscape has several varieties of firewood available at a great price, including: Oak, Maple, Pine, Ash, Walnut.

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Premier Tree Firewood in Boise
Premier Tree Sod Replacement in Boise

Sod Replacement

We excavate your current sod as well as 2 inches of soil. We dispose of the soil and sod at an authorized recycler.

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