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Owning property in or near Boise, Idaho offers many design opportunities when planning landscaping for your home or business. Located in the southwestern part of the state, Boise is an area where many varieties of plants, flowers and trees thrive. After planting trees, but before installing the lawn, most homeowners are already thinking about adding a little color to the landscape. There is a wide range of colorful perennial options available on the market that are perfect for this part of Idaho. Contact us at Premier Tree & Landscape LLC. We can customize a landscaping plan that is sure to impress anyone that passes by your home or business.

Tree & flower planting services in Boise

Annuals or Perennials

After a homeowner decides to have flowers in their landscape, the next question is to go with annuals or perennials. The drawback to annuals is the need for replanting every year. However, this also offers the opportunity to change things up a bit by adding something new each year. Perennials grow back every spring, reducing the time and expense of maintaining the landscape. There are many types of perennial flowers from which to choose. One of these flowers is the iris.

Using the Iris in Landscaping

Iris is the Greek word for rainbow. The name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow is also called "Iris." A representation of the iris in Christianity is "Our Lady of Sorrows."

Commonly called Flags or Junos, irises are hardy and come in a wide range of colors. When inserted into specific areas of the landscape, the contrast is both unique and beautiful at the same time. Some landscapers will mix different colors for the visual enhancement that it brings to the scene. These perennial flowers do well in both sunny and partial sunny areas of the landscape.

A Good Perennial for Shaded Areas

There are several shade-loving perennials available on the market. Just a few to consider are the following:

  • Cardinal Flower
  • Periwinkle
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Meadowrue
  • Bergenia

Ornamental grasses are technically perennials. However, when most people hear the word perennial, they think of flowers.

Completing the Landscape

 Boise, Idaho and the surrounding areas are a great place to live and work. This area has been home to Premier Tree & Landscape LLC for decades. Whether planting trees, shrubs, flowers or grass, This company will always listen to the customer and help put their ideas into a workable landscaping plan. Contact us today and let us help turn your yard into something to admire.

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