Reduction and Replacement of Overplanting in Boise

Many times home builders will have a sod lawn installed before selling the house. Unfortunately, they usually just hire a company that is offering the cheapest rate to landscape the property. Some companies or individuals claim to be landscapers but only have basic installation knowledge. Landscaping involves more than just installation. It is essential to know what to plant, where to plant it and what it will look like several years from the time of installation. Premier Tree & Landscape LLC is a well-established company in Boise, Idaho. Contact us for a new landscape installation or replacement of an existing landscape that didn't work out.

Complete or partial replacement of overplanting in Boise

Complete or Partial Landscape Replacement

Sometimes only a partial replacement is needed to correct a landscaping issue. Perhaps the plants or shrubbery were just not well suited for planting in a particular growing zone. The USDA has guidelines for planting in different regions of the country. A plant, shrub, flower or tree that thrives on the east coast may not do so well in Boise, Idaho.

Complete reduction or replacement may be warranted if the homeowner wants a lower maintenance landscape up to and including a different turf. Some grasses require a lot more mowing than others. Replacing the grass with a hardy ground cover is also an option.

Tree Reduction Service in Boise

Overgrowth is a frequent problem in many landscapes. The company or crew that initially did the installation didn't allow for growth. Over planting to fill in all the gaps may look good when the plants are small, but plants don't always stay small. The planting reduction process involves selectively removing excess foliage to create a healthier, more attractive landscape. The best way to avoid a reduction process is to allow for the expected growth as plants mature. A knowledgeable landscaper will have the foresight to evenly space plantings to fill in the gaps as they grow. If installed with proper planning, a yard will look good after installation, and with regular maintenance, look good as plants mature.

Tree Removal in Boise

Tree removal can become necessary for several reasons. Trees planted too close to a house could cause significant damage to the siding or roof. This principle would also apply to any other structure on the property. Another reason for tree removal is that it is just a nuisance or requires a lot of maintenance. Some trees drop more leaves than others or produce fruits that need harvesting to keep them from falling to the ground and rotting.

So whether your landscape needs reduction, replacement, or tree removal, Contact us at Premier Tree & Landscape LLC located in Boise, Idaho.

Tree removal and landscape reduction in Boise, Idaho

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