Planning your Re-landscape project, what to expect

You should give serious consideration the sequence of events that will most likely take place when re-landscaping. The following is a brief overview of what you might expect.

#1 - Draw your vision first

First - and foremost, you should make a drawing of what you want and where it will go. The “Master ever living until it is complete plan”. This is the biggest obstacle for most, putting it to paper and abiding by it. Here are a few reasons you want a plan:

#2 - Electrical

Do you want your outdoor living space to have lighting? You have 2 basic options, electrical AC wires underground or going with individual solar powered Led option(s) or even solar pump(s) for a small water feature.

#3 - Concrete pads & Paver blocks plan

Concrete pads, or patio/walkway pavers/paver steps/ etc. should be done prior to any irrigation lines being run unless your lines have to go under to feed planters on patio or a small plant area in middle of your patio pavers, etc. if that is the case irrigation lines should be run in the appropriate sequence to your project.

#4 - Irrigation plan

Plan where you want your shrubs, plants and trees so you can run lines under any fabric before groundcover goes down whether rock or bark.

Regarding any concrete or block installation, this needs to be done before you bring in soil and sod. Otherwise the concrete/paver process will destroy the sod from foot traffic alone.

#5 - Beds & Borders plan

Planting beds and groundcover next after rough grade and weed barrier goes down. TIP: if you don’t use staples, the weeds can’t find the hole to send their roots through. To keep the weed barrier in place use 2” rock or better for covering and holding weed barrier in place. (the larger rock stay in place better with blowers and plenty of weight so fabric won’t move.) Unfortunately, there will always be a need to weed around the perimeter of any weed barrier.

#6 - Plantings plan

Know where irrigation lines for trees, shrubs and plants will go. Soil amenders/boosters for new plantings. Always remove any metal cage/pot/wire basket from root balls prior to planting, you can leave the burlap it will decay over time.

#7 - Sod installation

Including fresh soil if needed and a boost of the right fertilizer before placing sod.

#8 – Bordering plan

Commonly the last process. Many options form scalloped brick to form flowing custom concrete edging, some with available color options. You can install sod border before sod, avoid wheelbarrow and walking on new concrete borders.

But wait, you are not done yet! Let’s go back to that living breathing always evolving plan. Part of the plan is the ongoing maintenance. Lawns, shrubs, plants and trees need ongoing feeding, insect control and preventative maintenance including tree trimming and pruning to keep your part of our urban forest safe and healthy. What we generally refer to as our homes, our front and back yards that we live, play and enjoy every possible day.

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